My mission is to inspire you to cultivate curiosity and discover freedom through movement and to embody these qualities in your daily life.

I believe in the importance of action. That’s why Caitlin Lassy Yoga is a 1 For One company. 1 For One means that 1% of all proceeds are donated to the Earthwatch Institute, to support the creation of one healthy world. For more information on 1 For One and Earthwatch, click here.


[I am] a novice to yoga. I started taking power flow yoga this year after suffering more and more frequent injuries from working out .... a side effect of aging :) Caitlin was my first instructor. From the moment I walked into the studio she made me feel welcomed! She has a bright personality and a positive uplifting spirit. Her classes are challenging but designed to help each student develop and refine their own practice. Her vocal instructions are rhythmic and calming and she encourages each student to do the best they can. Throughout her classes she offers advice on how to improve your practice and reminds you of the importance of breathing. Since starting yoga I have felt a measured improvement in my health and reduction in my stress levels. I am living a happier life and I am grateful I met Caitlin! Scott

You are one of my favorite yoga teachers! Your spirit, happiness fun loving personality is contagious. Your classes are challenging in the way that when I leave I feel like anything is possible or I'm thankful I survived:)) Thank you for being your true original self and sharing your light with all your classes! Jill L

Your classes are wonderful. You're such a shining light and you always seem to say something I need to hear. The workout aspect is also stellar! Miss taking your classes! I also like how fun you can make things as well, your giggle is contagious! Natalie H

You're easily my favorite yoga teacher. I automatically felt so at home and comfortable even the first time I took a class with you. The first few times I started going I was growing a little discouraged about my abilities but you helped me to push and keep going and not give up and that I can accomplish anything :) Brandy N.

I love your classes. Your energy is infectious and your attitude is really inspiring. Your classes are challenging and fun, encouraging us to listen inward while still pushing our boundaries on the mat. Nicole P\

Your classes are always challenging and your energy as a teacher fills the entire room. You're very good at leading the class with what you say, but also how you say it. Not only do you give instructions on when to change the position of our bodies but the way you give your direction in a way tells us how to change the way we feel, that we CAN change the way we feel. Also I love the wide variety of music you play and your casual-when-appropriate approach to yoga teaching. Not everything is chakras and mother earth all of the time, but sometimes it's DMX and dancing in downward dog time. Workshops are great with a lot of step-by-step instructions that make some of the more complex poses accessible to newer people. Bill B

I have taken many of your classes (all different types/levels). I have also taken some of your workshops. You are an amazing yoga teacher! You have helped me (and others) on their journey. In every class, you speak from the heart and make everyone feel like they are special. You offer so many fun transitions in the more advanced classes, but always offer an alternative too. You are there to assist your students. Your restorative classes are absolute bliss and you walk around to ensure everyone is comfortable. Your energy is infectious! And we always have fun in your class. I never knew you can  #bootypopeverydamnday in yoga! You, little love bug, are a true inspiration! Susan M

Your classes are always challenging (probably the most reliably so of any classes I attend) but your positive energy as a teacher keeps our spirits high and the flow fun and funky. I always leave feeling like I've accomplished something, knowing I found my edges and challenged them. And as you know, your workshops have helped me grow my practice further than I ever could have dreamed possible. You make the path to challenging poses clear, and you guide with constant encouragement and reassurance. You have taught me so much and continue to be an inspiration. Nik W

Always something new and different- love the interesting transitions and the challenge of your classes, but I would have to say what I love most is your words. The way you speak is inspiring and really makes me feel better you remind me that I am good enough! So thank you for everything you do! Beth C

I had very big ideas for how my class with you would be... And you flew past expectations... The flow was fantastic, you made us work and giggle and I definitely left with a big smile and with a feeling of such peace and my heart smiled. Taylor