Dynamic Strength: 3-Part Series

Dynamic Strength: 3-Part Series




Each class in this series comes with an intentionally selected and sequenced playlist to listen to while practicing.

This series includes three videos.
Each video will focus on a specific area of the body - legs, core, and upper body. Each video is around 30 minutes long, and includes vinyasa flow, strength training movements and exercises, and various modalities of stretching.

The intention of this series is to build physical strength that will allow you to access a greater variety of yoga postures in your physical yoga practice, but also, to build the mental and personal strength that will allow for greater peace and ease in meditation, and, allow you to journey through life with more confidence, courage, and a greater understanding of self.


Video 1  - LEGS

Have you ever paused for a moment to deeply think about all that our feet and legs make possible for us? In this class, we will mindfully flow through movements and poses that strengthen, open and honor these foundational parts of our body - encouraging a feeling of being grounded, supported, and self secure. A strap is required for this class. Blocks are optional.


Ah, everyone’s favorite, core work! In this class, we will consciously move through core strengthening exercises and learn that, strengthening your core is not all about achieving six pack abs. Strengthening your core is physically important for maintaining stability throughout the entire body during your yoga practice and daily life, and it’s energetically important for cultivating courage, confidence and self awareness. Two blocks are required for this class.

Video 3 - UPPER BODY

We’ll bring this series to a close by functionally working and opening all the little nooks and crannies of our upper body - the arms, shoulders, and upper back. As the fire builds and shakiness begins to erupt, we’ll focus on bringing extra special attention to our breath. Let’s take this class just one breath at a time - learning how to calm the mind and spirit in the midst of chaos. A block is required for this class.

Let's Do It!

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