#RealTalk - Control

Instead of a physical practice, this is the first video I'm sharing a "spiritual" practice with you. This video is the launch of a series I'm calling "#RealTalk", where I get real, open and honest with you about my life experiences and healing.  

My fiancé, Pete, and I's recent travels to Iceland started off quite rocky. Our first few days in Iceland were not at all what we had hoped for or expected. After three days straight of wind and rain, driving hours upon countless hours, and missing the bus to our accommodations, we were at our breaking point. We felt so frustrated, stressed, and exhausted. We contemplated leaving Iceland, but after some seriously deep-digging, we decided to stay and make the best out of it. Once we made that decision, a huge gust of surrender washed over me; I cried and I laughed. Suddenly, I had this complete lack of control over my emotions or words. I felt this huge release, and it was exactly what I needed. In that moment of release I was finally able to see clearly...our experiences were so poor because we kept trying to control them. We were trying to force our experience to be something it was not. In finally taking a cold, hard look at how I had been behaving, this is what I learned....

This is a call to action! I want to hear from you. Send me an email, comment or personal message on social media. Tell me about your experiences with control, and the actions you're going to take to release this old behavior and claim your personal power once and for all. We are on this journey of learning, processing, and healing together, so let's support one another!