Fall Is In The Air


This year, it seemed as though the summer sun would hold us in his warm embrace forevermore, but, here we are, November, and the cool air and cozy energy of the season has finally set in.

Fall (or autumn) is a time of transition. As the days slowly become shorter, as the ground beneath our feet gets colder, and as the trees shed their leaves, we are given the opportunity to sit down, get quiet, and reflect. We reflect upon the seeds planted in the spring and nurtured in the summer, and we bring into consciousness the old habits and labels we once carried that now shed from our tissues much like the leaves shed from the trees. All the while, we are called to redirect our focus to the next chapter (winter) ahead.

I've created a playlist for transitory times such as these, full of deeply soothing and nurturing melodies - perfect for becoming quiet and reflecting - as well as inspiring lyrics for catapulting you into this next phase with clear intention and motivation in your heart. Listen to the "Fall Is In The Air" playlist here.

I would recommend listening to this playlist while driving in the car, while cooking your favorite autumn soup, or, while practicing to the newest addition to my YouTube Channel, Twist 'n Flow.

Happy Fall! Xo Caitlin