Work With Your Fire


I used to say that it was important to expose yourself to your internal fire and every layer of it - your passion, your force, your expression, your anger, your frustration, your determination, your willpower - in order to understand it. Then in greater understanding of it, you could have more efficient control over it. Then in understanding it, you could know how much fire to ignite, and when, and what areas of your life to delegate what layers of your fire to. This isn’t a necessarily bad point of view to have, but, maybe not the most effective.

Recently, I’ve taken on a new belief that it’s less about having control over your fire, and more about learning how to work WITH your fire. I learned this from the Giant Sequoia trees when visiting Yosemite National Park. Did you know that the Giant Sequoias actually cannot reproduce without fire? It’s the heat from the fire that causes their pinecones to blossom open, releasing their seeds to the soil. These trees learned how to work with fire, the natural predator of the majority of the forest. When a fire is ignited, typically, most of the species of the forest succumb to its power. Not the Giant Sequoias. Over time, they have adapted to use the fire in order to create new life, in order to prosper. They don’t try to control the fire or delegate it elsewhere. They surrender to the fire, and let its heat do a very important job for them.

I believe we could take some serious inspiration from these magnificent trees. Instead of trying to control your internal fire, how could you safely expose yourself to its burn? How could you utilize its heat for growth, for your best interest, and for the wellbeing of your life?