Time For Our Next Chapter

A few of you may already be aware of this (because Pete and I don't know how to keep a secret when we're excited about something), but, drumroll please...we're moving back to Connecticut!! This, at first, was not an emotionally easy decision. Truthfully, we love the life we have created here in Boulder. We love being so close to such a vast variety of immensely breath-taking wilderness. We love living in such a health-conscious and earth-conscious society. We love our apartment. We love the restaurants and the great number of sustainable shopping options. The truth is, though, it's not sustainable for us to stay here right now and be able to continue to live the lifestyle we love living long-term. Moving back to Connecticut will allow us to continue living that lifestyle now, and in the future to come.

The other day, we went for a hike here in Boulder (we're trying to get as much hiking in as possible before we leave!!). When we got to the summit, I looked out at the Rocky Mountains, and I thought, "Man, am I going to miss these mountains!". I felt a sincere sadness creep in my heart. Almost immediately then, though, I thought, "but there are also SO many other mountains I want to see!". Moving back to Connecticut will allow us the ability to climb those many other mountains AND, to come back to Colorado when we wish.

The truth is, too, that we come to be in relationship with places just as we do with people. And just like any other relationship where we can form attachments, we can also become attached to places. As Pete and I began to discuss the potential of moving back to Connecticut, I realized that I had formed quite a few attachments to our life out here in Colorado. I had formed attachments to many of those items I listed above. I was attached to our apartment and attached to the offerings of the city. I was attached to the active lifestyle and the access to nature. I was attached to not disappointing those that I had formed personal and work relationships with out here, and mainly, I was attached to the ideas of what could be if we stayed.

Attachments weigh you down. They hold you back. They block you from opportunity and possibilities. I intend to live my life always with as high of a level of awareness of my attachments as possible. I don't want to get pulled under the deep end by my attachments and let that be the reason I ever close myself off to possibility and opportunity.

Much like any break-up, or the release of anything you've been holding on to, I gave myself the space I needed to mourn the release of my attachments to this place and to "what could have been". Now, I still have a deep love for this place, and all that I have experienced here, all that I have learned here, and who I have become here. When Pete and I first moved here, our intention was to experience a new, different lifestyle, and that is what we have done! I am beyond grateful for the time we have spent out here. But, I am not attached to life here anymore. Rather, I hold this place and this past year with massive fondness in my heart, and I am ecstatic to see what the next chapter has in store for me, and for the new experiences I will share with Pete, and our many beloved friends, family, and my students in Connecticut. Even though we are going back to where we came from, we are showing up differently. We have changed. I can't even imagine what goodness and magic are to come, and I am DARN excited by that.

So, Connecticut friends, keep your eyes peeled for updates on my teaching schedule. Come the new year, we'll be practicing together regularly once again, and I cannot WAIT to share all of the new knowledge I have gained and all of the new offerings I have created in my time away.

Colorado friends, don't forget that we can still stay connected! Click here to check out a variety of classes I have created for digital download, so that we can continue to practice together in your own home! (These just might be majorly discounted for the holiday season come Black Friday, so, mayyybe do wait to purchase for just a few more days).

xo Caitlin

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