Red Rocks Trail

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

There is certainly not a lack of jaw-dropping, soul-moving, nature eye candy out here in Boulder, Colorado. While it’s totally impossible to pick one FAVORITE trail that I’ve hiked so far while living out here, I will admit, one hike has made a particular impact in my mind. The Red Rocks Trail right in downtown Boulder.

This trail quickly inclines by scrambling your way up a small section of the red rocks that give this trail its name. The scramble isn’t incredibly lengthy, but still, super invigorating. Once you complete the short scramble, panoramic views open before your eyes. There’s a great view of precious Anemone Mountain to your left, and, towering pillars and slabs of red rock, breaking free into the sky from the earth, directly in front of you. From here, you can choose to either walk around these magnificent red rocks, or, hike to them, and scramble up them. The inner child in me obviously chose the latter.

Scrambling up and over and all around the beautiful red rocks is absolutely one of the most fun and joyous outdoor activities I have done since I moved here. In fact, a friend introduced me to this trail one day, and it impacted me so greatly, the very next day I absolutely HAD to bring my fiancé, Pete, there to experience the wonder, too.

There was just something so incredibly nourishing for my inner child to climb up and on and all over these great big boulders and slabs of rock. I felt like a little monkey. I got so giddy. My smile was grinning from ear to ear. I just wanted to jump around and throw my hands in the air. My heart felt so full. I was totally overflowing with happiness, love, and gratitude. To put the cherry on the sundae, once reaching the highest peak of the red rocks, not only can you see Anemone Mountain (now behind you), but there is a perfect view of Mount Sanitas to your left, the Boulder Flatirons to your right, and the city of Boulder down below in front of you. What. A. View!

Getting outside in nature has this incredible, immediate natural ability to strip down any layers, blocks or barriers that you may be armoring yourself with. You feel immediately open, supported, encouraged and comfortable. Most importantly, you feel, at home.