Mercury Retrograde

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Mercury has now stationed retrograde until April 15th. Tangibly, this means that Mercury appears to be moving backwards in orbit. It does not ACTUALLY move backwards, but, it looks that way due to the positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the sun. 

Energetically speaking, Mercury Retrograde tends to get a bad rep. It seems as though it arrives with a massive WARNING label - don’t schedule any important plans, technology may malfunction, don’t sign any big contracts, etc. Maybe there is some truth to this, but, the real, juicy introspective opportunities Mercury Retrograde brings with it tend to get overshadowed by the drama of the do-nots and watch-out-fors.

Mercury Retrograde sort of automatically brings a shift to the thought processes of the mind. Instead of looking towards the future and sending energy to goal setting and manifesting, your energy naturally flows into witnessing mode. This shift in our sky shifts our internal workings to slow down, pause for a hot sec, and evaluate.

All things of nature are consistently in a pattern of ebb and flow. These organic waves of high and low are the way nature is calibrated into balance. In order for anything to really occur, at some point, there must be forward moving motion. There must be action. However, eventually, all that forward movement must be balanced with pause and reflection.

Reflection allows for time to regroup, recharge and replenish our reserves. Pause creates space to absorb what’s necessary to propel us forward and, to bring to light that which is holding us back. It’s a pivotal moment for discerning what can be reused and recycled, and what needs to be discarded for good.

Not all old is bad. We have trash, but we also have recycling and compost. Some things must go in the trash pile - that’s just a truth of life - but, some things deserve a little harder and longer look. Some baggage, well, isn’t exactly baggage at all, and if nurtured properly, can be given new meaning and be used to fortify the future.

It can be difficult to sort out exactly what old goes where. During this Mercury Retrograde, honor yourself and your process by slowing down. You don’t have to take any action just yet.

Chill out, evaluate, and witness. Determine from a place of truth and non-judgement what goes where. What old has specks of gold in it that can be reused or repurposed, and what needs to be thrown away for good?