Unnecessary Cruelty

Photo: Krista Johnson

Photo: Krista Johnson

When I first started to write this blog, it was strictly about bringing awareness to the unnecessarily cruel ways us humans treat animals in the mass production world. It wasn’t a plea for veganism or vegetarianism amongst all, but simply a statement for, there’s gotta be a different way.

However, as I began to write, it became clear to me that unnecessary cruelty to animals in mass production is not a topic that stands alone. What about the creatures of the sea, and how we disrespectfully pollute their home? This brought to my attention, well, we don’t just pollute the sea, we clutter and destroy the land as well. This disrespect of the land not only eradicates the homes of many land dwellers, but, the life that comprises their homes - the plants and trees - are also trashed.

It’s important for us, as humans, to realize that, in reality, inflicting physical harm on an animal creature is no different than throwing litter out your car window. Just as inflicting physical harm on an animal, is no different than the physical harm we inflict on each other. The cruel ways we treat and act towards other humans, are no different than the cruel ways we treat ourselves. It’s also important to realize, that below the outer layer of physical abuse, lies emotional abuse. The physical harm does not come without the emotional, and the emotional, can often be even more painful.

This is where this circle of cruel behavior begins. We emotionally hurt (maybe physically, in some cases) and disrespect ourselves. Because we have no respect for our own lives, well, how could we honestly be expected to truly respect, and honor, another?

This is the origin of the circle of cruel behavior - no respect or understanding - which is rooted in disconnection. We continue to throw layer, on layer, on layer, over our inner experience. We concern our time with who’s doing what on social media, and what’s up with fake people’s fake lives on TV. We numb ourselves from feeling our emotions and thoughts. We have no deep understanding of the profundity of the human experience, and no respect for what it means to be a living, breathing creature on this planet at all.

With all of this said, I do see a shift occurring around this topic. In fact, I’m sure that the majority of you reading this have already woken up to what’s going on, and agree with what I’m saying. The thing is, even with the amount of people opening their eyes to the truth and changing their ways, there’s still a lot of people out there living the numbed version of life. We know this because the cruelty and the polluting is still taking place.

This should not discourage you. Over the years of the human species existing, there were certain ways we were taught to live, and the reality is, it just takes consistency and time to rewrite what we once believed to be proper.

This is meant to motivate you - motivate you to personally stay committed to a life with greater understanding and significance. To lead by example, speak up, and share your knowledge.

The ripple effect is real. We can see it happening. We can feel it happening. We can’t give up now. Let’s support one another on our journey to self-respect and honor, and let’s be the catalyst for greater understanding and respect of all life that breaths on this earth.