Broad Perspective

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

I am beginning to see life from a much broader perspective. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years “doing the work” on my internal world. Now, this is not to say that I am through with that work. I believe inner work and exploration is never truly done, because throughout the entirety of our lives we are met with new experiences, situations, and people that dredge up a need for inner work and reflection. However, I currently feel a slight shift away from such an emphasis on my inner being, to a more heightened awareness of my external world - more specifically, my part in it and my impact on it. 

Lately, I feel this question arising frequently in my mind - “What am I really doing here?” Not in a super mystic, what is the meaning of life kind of way, but, the question is directed more towards my work and my actions. I find myself pondering, “What impact is this really having on my students? My peers? My community? Are my actions aligned with my words? Am I truly sending the message I want to send with my actions and my words? What exactly is my impact? How does that make me feel?”

Have you ever asked yourself these kinds of questions? Maybe these thoughts have never crossed your mind. Or maybe, you too, are starting to feel a shift arising, and you are beginning to wonder the same things. If you’ve never sat down and inquired these questions of yourself, I encourage you to take some time this week to either sit and meditate on them, or, journal on them.

What answers do you receive?