Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse


Eclipses inspire us to explore our purposefully forgotten spaces. As the light of the moon briefly disappears into darkness, we are encouraged to do the same. When embarking on this journey to our underworld, the key is to not succumb to the darkness and allow it to overcome and overwhelm us, but instead, view what is revealed to us through the awing eyes of innocence.

The Latin root of the word innocence, “innocentia”, translates to mean “not harming”. Can we step out onto the path towards our darkness, not with the intent to harm what we discover - not with hateful or regretful or fearful intent - but instead, with a willingness to view the darkness as a teacher? As an ally in the journey of becoming whole?


WHOLE /hol/ noun:

1. a thing that is complete in itself


As the transformational process that comes with this eclipse begins to scrub its way through our being, from the deep soul layer —> outwards, it’s important to remain grounded in our human form - to remain connected to what it feels like to live in this skin and in these bones.

To maintain awareness of this human experience - set time aside to connect with the greatest earthly guru, Mama Earth, herself. Take off your shoes and pay attention to what it feels like to feel the dirt beneath your feet. Walk slow. Palpate your feet and your legs with the palms of your hands, and feel the transference of strength and solidity from the former to the latter.

With an awareness of who and what you are in this earthly body, you can then embark on your own personal eclipse with an overall greater awareness and understanding of the potency of experiencing all that is offered to you in this life.

May what you discover on your path be equal parts revealing, and healing.