The Plastic Reality

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Image found on Google.

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you may have recently watched a series of videos where I spoke about reducing your use of plastic bags by bringing reusable shopping bags with you. Or, I recommended, if you ever forget your bags and it’s possible, just simply carry your goods out of the store in your hands.

In these videos, I briefly panned to the groceries I had purchased that day, to show that I had actually just carried them out of the grocery store, because I had forgotten my reusable bags that day. An old friend of mine responded to my videos and pleas for less plastic waste and said, “Girl, everything you got is in plastic!”

What an incredible light she shone my way. The truth - here I was talking about reducing your contribution to plastic waste and almost all of my groceries were packaged in some sort of plastic. The REAL truth - dang, it’s HARD to have absolutely NO plastic waste. Almost, actually, dang near impossible. When you stop and think about it, every single item in the grocery store is wrapped up in some sort of packaging, except for produce. Even then, there’s so much pre-cut produce that’s packaged AND there’s the little plastic bags to grab and put your apples or zucchini or whatnot in.

All we can do, is the best that we can. In regards to living consciously and sustainably, and quite frankly, in regards to all aspects of life. I truly feel that what is #1 more important is, awareness. Moments like these where you realize, “Oh wow! I honestly hadn’t thought too much about that before.”

Awareness plants the seed for more highly educated and mindful actions to occur. You can’t possibly consume absolutely NO products packaged in plastic, unfortunately. However, knowing THAT, you can be more motivated to bring your reusable bags, or use no bags at all. Knowing THAT, you can attend and buy from more farmer’s markets, where there’s typically less packaging waste. Knowing THAT, you can look for companies that use recycled material to create their packaging. And so on, and so on….

All we an do, is the best that we can. All we can do, is continue to be ushers of awareness for one another. Let’s create change in our world, and live more sustainably in honor of this incredible planet we get to call home, one mindful thought at a time.