Word Vomit From This Past Weekend

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Last week, I felt quite scattered. My mind was all over the place and certainly, I had a tough time focusing on work. I have been feeling the call of Mama Earth for weeks now, and have been stuffing that call down in favor of work, so I figured, this was a sign to get outside, get clear, and recharge. It worked! After two days spent away from the computer and classes, and out in the Colorado Wilderness, I was feeling more connected and inspired. Then, things started to get a bit weird again. I had an acupuncture appoint Friday afternoon, after which, I felt DRAINED, and oddly emotional for no apparent reason. I let myself rest that evening, figuring, acupuncture shook something up deep inside me, and I needed some stillness and space to process it. Saturday morning, Pete and I decided to catch up on some sleep. We slept in until about 9am, and took our time eating our breakfast and drinking our coffee out on our patio. We then excitedly made our way out into the mountains for a day hike, as we both were desperately needing some more Mama Earth quality time. When we arrived for our hike, there was a HUGE line to wait to park, which was slightly annoying, but overall, we had made our peace with it. We had known that this was a very popular trailhead, and that it was hard to find parking there later in the day on weekends, and still, we wanted to have a slow morning. So, we had made that choice with the understanding we might have to wait. After about 35 minutes, we were able to drive past the entrance station, and head on our way to our much needed hike. About 5 minutes into the hike, a storm began to roll in. Thankfully, we were still able to hike the majority of our route, but due to the impending storm, we weren’t able to complete the whole thing. Hey, sometimes these things happen. Mother Nature is completely out of our control. At least we got a bit of a hike in. Then, we arrived back at our car, only to accidentally drop the car key on the ground and have it break in half. I didn’t even know this could be a thing, but guys, it was. The metal part of the key completely fell out of the fob part of the key. I was worried we were going to be stuck up in the middle of the mountains, with no service, as a storm rolled in upon us. Thankfully, though, we were able to jimmy-rig the key situation and fit the fob over the key in just the right position, that we could then turn the key and the car on. Fewf. Sunday morning, we wake up thinking, okay well, until the dealer opens on Monday and we can order a new key, we can use this system we’ve come up with to get the car to start. However, when we hopped into the car to head to the climbing gym, the fob wouldn’t fit over the metal part of the key anymore as part of the plastic on the fob had been whittled away by us turning it the day prior. We tried to turn the metal part of the key to start the car with our hands and pliers, neither worked. The car wouldn’t start. Well, not that big of a deal, we can’t go climbing. However, it was kind of a big deal that the car wouldn’t start, and I had to teach later on in the day at a location that’s about a 20 minute drive away. So, not a place that was really walk-able. I hemmed and hawed over riding my bike. The route would be 10 miles each way. I’ve ridden more than that in a single day before. I wasn’t totally psyched about riding 10 miles before teaching. I didn’t want to expend too much of my energy, but, I was capable of it, I had agreed to sub this class, so I was going to do it. My wonderful man agreed to do it with me. Sometimes, Google Maps will take us on a slightly different route when we bike somewhere than when we drive, because often times there are bike paths we can take that keep us off of the roads and in turn, a bit more safe. So, we used Google Maps to navigate our journey to the studio I was to teach at, and, about 15 minutes in our ride, Google is leading us on this path that is DEFINITELY meant for mountain bikes. Not meant so much for our cruiser and road bikes. We found ourselves on a dirt path, with rocks, and patches of sand, and grass that cut through the middle of this giant open space, that also, was going basically straight up hill. What a trip! We did it. I made it to class (partly delusional). We felt pretty equally exhausted and empowered. We decided on our ride back, we wouldn’t listen to Google, and we would just take the road home. We did this only to discover it would be the most uphill and toughest bike ride either of us had ever been on. 

None of this stuff that happened was really all that bad. Some of it, even, was quite exhilarating and empowering. All of it together, though, one thing after another, after another….you just start to question, what exactly is going on here? In the past, oh, I don’t know, year or so, for sure, I have had many lessons handed my way from the universe about going with the flow, being open to what comes my way, not trying to control that which is out of my control, and surrendering to the organic ebbs and flows of life. Because of said lessons, I have recently committed to fully embodying that way of being. Now it’s like, the universe is testing my truth and my commitment to that commitment. I feel like being so scatter-brained last week, and honoring the call of the mountains was like a primer for the happenings of this past weekend. It was like the universe was saying, “Get out there and get grounded now. I’ll be sending tests your way.” I feel like I’m getting an A on these tests. I am definitely witnessing a shift within myself as to how I deal with unexpected circumstances. This doesn’t mean that these circumstances 100% roll off of my back like they’re no big deal, but, I see myself embodying more ease, understanding and patience as these little tests come my way. I give ALL the credit of this internal shift to my ongoing and consistent practice of awareness. I can’t even imagine what a loon I’d be without it. Being witness to this internal shift is pretty darn cool, I won’t lie. It’s like, “Ah, all of the hard work I’ve put in really IS paying off.” But also, though, universe, what’s going on, huh?!

Just know, these times are weird. The cosmos are doing funny things. Big things, little things, in-between things. If you feel it, just know, I know. I hear you. I see you. I’m with you. I’m feeling it too. Let me know how the universe has been shaking things up for you lately. Let’s connect with one another and support each other during these crazy times.

Caitlin Lassy