Earthing Ritual

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

What is earthing? Earthing is a practice where you walk barefoot outdoors for a select period of time in order to connect to the energy of the earth.

Why practice earthing? Walking barefoot on the earth is said to have many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • bringing about an overall feeling of internal peace

  • calming an anxiety ridden mind

  • assisting in feeling more grounded and centered in the present moment

  • promoting an awakening of the intelligence of the muscles of your feet

  • self-embodiment


Head to your favorite outdoor location (preferably somewhere peaceful and quiet). Take off your shoes. Leave any and all technology behind. (Of course, if safety is a concern, you may keep your phone on you. Just, put it on airplane mode/do not disturb to prevent any distractions from arising.) 

Walk slowly, with conscious breath, and awareness of each step you take for 20 minutes. Notice every part of each step you take - from heel to toe. Notice any emotions or thoughts that may arise. Look down, notice the color of the earth. Look up, notice the colors of any trees, the sky - are there clouds? How warm is the sun? Listen, what do you hear? Are there any smells? Is there a breeze? What does it feel like on your skin? Make quick, mental notes of whatever arises/your observations as you walk, and then always, come back to your breath, and come back to each step; one at a time. 

After 20 minutes of walking, sit down to journal on your experience. Jot down any of the mental notes you took while walking. Make note how you felt prior to your walk, and after your walk.

Repeat this ritual when feeling cloudy, sluggish, uninspired, or anxious.