Yoga + Social Media

Photo by: Alexandria Crow Yoga

Photo by: Alexandria Crow Yoga

Do you remember in my recent video post about yoga and its relationship with flexibility how I stated that this is a BIG conversation, one that I would like to continue throughout this month? (If you missed this post, click here to watch). Well, here it is!

This image is from Alexandria Crow, an experienced yoga teacher and founder of Yoga Physics (for more information on Alexandria and Yoga Physics, click here). What do you think about this statement and question? Do you agree?

I will be fully transparent with you and say that I agree! Not always, but sometimes, yes, absolutely! Depending on where my mental state is at on any given day, I can go on social media and see someone doing some crazy yoga pose or flow and feel totally inspired like, “Ooooh! That looks like fun, I want to give that a try!” Then sometimes, though, I can see that same fancy yoga pose or flow and immediately become hard on myself and judge myself for not “working harder, longer, being stronger, more flexible, etc.”

What about you?

Because of this, you may or may not have noticed for a while now, I’ve been posting a bit less “fancy yoga pose” photos, and instead, more photos of my adventures and travels, food, and videos of my yoga and movement practices. Again, not always, but for the most part. My intention has been to share with you more of my whole life, and for you to see the dedication and consistency required to slowly, over time, create said “fancy” shapes with your body. I promise I wasn’t just simply born being able to do the things that are now possible for me.

While I very much resonate with what Alexandria Crow posts and stands for, I’m more of a believer of the middle path.

The truth is, yoga has come to be the physical practice that it has here in the West because we are a bustling, physical society. We have a whole heck of a lot going on in our world these days, and I very much see a place for a physical yoga practice to assist us in navigating all of these current events.

However, the truth also is that yoga is way more than the physical practice we have created it to be, and I certainly agree that fancy yoga pose photos on social media do not lend to an understanding of what yoga really is. Rather, they can promote an emphasis on the “importance” of having a physically appealing practice (which I say, is a bullsh*t thing to do!).

I will add, that I do very much feel that a physically strong and challenging yoga practice has its place and purpose; IF (and only if) it is offered and taught in a way that adheres to an understanding of yoga philosophy. I feel this way, because well, I experience it, myself.

So, occasionally I will post a “fancy” yoga pose, but I will more often, post the videos of me putting in the hard work, both physically and mentally, every day; the “fails” and the “successes”, with the intention of sharing the lessons learned along the hard-work journey. For that is where yoga philosophy comes in to play.

What are your thoughts on this? As maybe a teacher yourself, or a dedicated student of yoga, or both. I really would love for this to be a discussion, so please - intentional, thoughtful, and educated comments are welcome!

Stay tuned for more on this next week,

xo Caitlin