What Does A "Vinyasa" Even Mean?

So, you do yoga, but truthfully, you’re not entirely sure WHAT is going on. There's so many different kinds of classes! Oh, and then there’s all those poses. What do all these names even mean?! You’re not entirely sure, but, you keep coming back because you KNOW that you enjoy doing it.

If you clicked on the link to read this, I assume you probably have an open and inquiring mind. That is GREAT. Curiosity is an effective quality to uphold when approaching the practice of yoga.

Alright, here we go. For you, inquisitive minds, let’s dive in:

In Sanskrit, the word “vinyasa” literally translates to this: 

Nyasa” - to place.

Vi” - in a special way or a special order, as in Nature.

So, here’s what’s really cool about THAT definition - as long as you are placing something (in relation to yoga, we’re talking about your body) in a special way or order (what I interpret here to mean, with intention) then YOU, my friend, are doing vinyasa yoga!

Now, things can start to get really interesting when you ask yourself, “Well then, if THAT is what the definition of ‘vinyasa’ is, why is it exclusive to the practice of yoga?”

The thing is, it’s not, necessarily, and it doesn’t have to be

Yoga, at its roots, is a philosophy, not merely a physical exercise. So, who’s really to say that a simple action, like, placing your coffee cup down on the table - if done with intention (which requires awareness) - that that’s not vinyasa (in it’s precise definition)? That that’s not living yoga?

Just a little food for thought…..

P.S. - For those of you who are intrigued to actually experience vinyasa in action and in relation to yoga, click here.